Differences In Personality, Appearance, And Body

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It is stricking how two people can react the same without even knowing. My brother

Kwame, and I though are of different sex but one cannot miss the fact that we are siblings if

you really know us. For examples we are both religious and prayerful. We both like to cook

and have the same health risks, we all chip our teeth and snore when when sleeping.

Despite our similarities, though we are of the same blood, we are differerent in

personalities, appearance and education.

Firstly, it is shocking how people from the same blood and genetic material look

difference . For instance my brother is tall about six foot and five inch, and broad shouldered

whiles am about five foot and one inch. I'm petite and slim and weight about one hundred

and twenty pounds but my brother weight like two hundred and eighty pounds. Our height

and weight is not only differences we have in apperance but facial shapes also. My brother

Kwame has oblong face shape (thats roughly resembles a triangle with a round corners). I

have a round face shape with wide cheekbones and a tapering jaw and forehead. Kwame

has a deep set of eyes, which creates prominent brow bone but I have monolid???? eyes

which are flat on the surface and brow bones less defined. I have a full lips whiles Kwame

has a thin lips.

Though we were raised by the same people, but have entirely different personalities

Kwame my brother, is friendly and easy with people, whiles iam stiff, thats quiet reserved

but the melancholic type. Iam calm, loyal and organised. My most valued things are the

family and I values loyalty and the lives the traditional way of life, dose practise the stay

home mom and take care of the kids. Kwame on the other hand is ambicious and persistent.

He followed hia dream and work hard. Kwame though outgoing, also makes sure his time is