Education and People Essay examples

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Jessica Spears
January 15, 2013

Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge skills, habits, values, or attitude. The word education is also used to describe the results of the educational process. Education should help a person become a useful member of society. It should also help him develop an appreciation of his cultural heritage and live a more satisfying life. The most common way to get education is to attend school. But much education takes place outside the classroom. Education involves both learning and teaching. Sometimes, people learn by teaching themselves. But they also learn with the help of other people, such as parents and teachers. Parents are a child’s first and perhaps most important teachers. They teach them attitudes, habits, and values that help shape their character and remain with him throughout life. But few parents have either time or the ability to teach their children everything that they need to know. Instead, they turn over many educational responsibilities to professional educator. Education is also important because it helps people get more out of life. It increases their knowledge and understanding of the world. It helps them acquire skills that make life more interesting and enjoyable, such as the skills needed to participate in a sport, paint a picture, or play a musical instrument. Such education becomes increasingly important as people gain more and more leisure time. Education also helps people adjust to change. This benefit has become increasingly important because social changes today take place with increasing speed and affect the lives of more and more people. Education can help a person understand these changes and provide the skills for adjusting to them. The way functionalism apply to education is it help people address they education needs as far as getting a good job to support their family and their lifestyle. It is the way you as a person apply your education to get