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Unit: Introduction to Educational Contexts

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Title: Explore the social, economic and political changes that influence educational policy in Britain.

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Explore the social, economic, and political changes that influence educational policy in Britain
Education can be defined as a process of transmitting or receiving systematic instruction / teaching in a variety of settings such as school, university, workplaces and a lot more according to Bates and Lewis (2009). Education is vital in one’s life as it enables them to be able to communicate and perform daily tasks in society. In England, the way education is viewed today has not always been the same. Various economic, social and political changes have taken place and thus influenced the Educational System used in contemporary society. The key purpose of this essay is to firstly, look at social, economic and political changes that have influenced the development of British Educational System the period from 1800 to 1944. Secondly, it will look at key philosophical and theoretical influences on British Educational Practice. Thirdly, it draw comparisons between the social, economic and political changes in educational practices. Lastly, the essay will draw upon to a successful conclusion on that will have been discussed.

Education in England has evolved greatly compared to contemporary society. Children now have a right to access an education no matter their circumstances. Looking at education in the 18th Century right till to the 19th century great changes are highly noticeable. Before industrialisation many families resided in the villages and were making their living from agriculture. However, with the rise in industrialisation in the mid-18th century, Britain was to witness a great change in society which would in turn influence their education as many jobs were developed from mining or manufacturing industries. Most families were now moving from life in the countryside to life in the city to better their lives. Industrial revolution resulted in the need for child labourers, slum housing and also low wages.