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Impact of Sports on School Grades
65% of students who are involved in both sports and school have a better chance of getting a higher grade than students who are not involved. Sports have a healthy impact on student lives. Sports help staying physically fit because it creates school pride and good sportsmanship between many students in the school. Staying physically fit is a New Year’s Resolution that everyone fails at. Staying physically fit is a goal many, especially students want to achieve to fit into the nice graduation dress in a few months of time. Sports are an exciting way to stay fit as a graduate student. Sports help build strength and not become a slouchy, couch potato. Athletic endeavors are a great source for girls who are trying to get back in shape after New Years and Christmas. Sports help gain strength, balance and loose weight in a fun and competitive way. All schools want support from students to create a happy and supportive mood. School support leads to success. When a student is having a bad day at school, sports is a great way to calm themselves down and let all the anger rush out on the court or rink. The stronger support the more successful the students and school is. Intramurals help make new friendships for parents that want their kids to stay in school zone, stay safe, and enjoy the sport they love in a place where the parents trust them to be. Sports create new friendships. Sportsmanship and leader ship are things colleges and universities see now a days when you get admission. Teachers consider organization a student’s responsibility, sports help become more organized for