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What are the extra duties or responsibilities that I would be assigned?
• What is the average class size I would be teaching?
• Are there opportunities to advise extracurricular activities, student clubs, sports or organizations?
• What are some of the things you are most proud of in your school?
• What are the biggest challenges that you face in your school?
• What are your expectations for teachers in this school?
• What opportunities for professional development are there?
• Will I have a classroom of my own (or another kind of teaching environment)?
• What technology will I have access to in my classroom/in the school?
• What technology do the students have access to?
• Does your school have a mission statement or theme?
• Is there a teacher mentorship program at the school?
• What would be my potential schedule?
• What classes would I be teaching?
• How much preparation time would I have?
• Does the school have an inclusion policy? If so, what should I expect in my classroom?
• Do the students participate in festivals, contests, shows, etc. in my field?
• What are the typical annual events that you like to hold in your school?
• What do you consider the ideal administrator/teacher partnership?
• What is the general school community attitude toward (the subject you are applying for)?
• What do you consider are the best qualities of a teacher?
• When do you believe a student should be sent to the office?
• How often are faculty meetings held?
• Are teachers encouraged to collaborate on units/lessons/cross-discipline-learning?
• What is the testing schedule like?
• What would be my classroom budget, or how would I order classroom supplies?
• Describe the Parent-Teacher Organization present at the school - is it strong, are there volunteers, are parents generally enthusiastic or hands-off?
• What are your policies on field trips?
• Do your school have policies on dealing with parents?

* I have always been successful with getting parents involved in the classroom, how active are parents at this school or within the school district? * I am well-versed at integrating computer technology into the classroom, what kind of resources does…