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5.1 Describe why schools have policies and procedure,
Schools have policies and procedure in place to support staff in their management of situations, these may involve violence, threating behaviour or abuse amongst other policies which are all legal requirement in a school setting. You must follow these policies and be familiar on where these policies can be found within the school surrounding. Mostly it’s found in the head teacher’s office. Policies are there to provide a framework that ensures consistent principles are applied to practice across a school, Policies also can provide valuable information to parents, governors, teachers and other professional workers, for example a parent may require to see policy of homework and behaviour before deciding whether to apply for the child or not. Similarly a staff may require to see the management or leave policy to decide to accept the position at the school. Policies are there to help children and staff work in rules and regulation and in a safe and friendly environment.

5.2 Identify the policies and procedures school may have relating to:
Policies for staff could be pay policy, anti-bullying policy, and career break policy, contract of employment policy, dealing with allegation policy, discipline policy, working hour’s policy, and performance management policy and along with other policies. Policies are put in place to protect the staff’s welfare and their rights within a school setting and to support staff in their management of situations they may be involved in. Every policy should outline its aims, purpose and responsibilities the staff will have, like policies of anti-bullying have to outline how to deal and prevent bullying. The policies should also assure of steps that would be taken to protect themselves worries and problems.
Pupil Welfare Policies,
Will include child protection policy, health and safety policy, behaviour management policy, personal, social and health education policy, anti-bullying policy, attitude policy and others. These policies are there to protect any abuse by staff or children. They are there so every child is dealt equally and parents feel they are safe in school. They are so a child can achieve its full potential in a school atmosphere.
Teaching and learning policies,
Will include curriculum policy, planning policy, an early year’s policy, marking policy, and other policies. The aim for these policies is to provide safe, stimulating environment for children and teachers, these policies are put in place to ensure all children have equal opportunity to the school curriculum.

6.1 Identify the roles and responsibilities of national and local government for education policy and practice.
National government, is also known as Department of Education (DFE). They are responsible for national level of education, they are responsible of developing and monitoring education policies like National Curriculum or Early Years Foundation Stage. That put in place guideline for students achievement and attainment. They are responsible of quality of service, like every child matters, give statuary advice so teachers understand their legal obligation, they also advice in drugs, health and safety, behaviour and discipline. The DFE publish league table, this helps monitoring schools progress and also the parents and students.