Education and Self Hard Work Essay

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Academic Success Academic success need many conditions to achieve. Such as self hard work, people’s support and positive character traits. These conditions are necessary for achieving success, but how to use these conditions to be successful? It is need a good organize for these conditions. Achieving academic success need self hard work.Self hard work have two parts: one is in-class habits, students need to come to class on time, take a god notes, pay attention to class, and ask questions. Another is out-of-class habits, students need to review the class and do homework by theirselves. Self hard work is important because even though a person is very smart, if this person do not hard work , he can not to be success. For example, American inventor Edison have a famous sentence: Success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. Inspiration is person’s own talent, but perspiration is person’s hard work. We can know self hard work is so important to lead us to be success. Achieving academic success need people’s support.People’s support means teacher parents encourage.Teacher’s support is important because students learn knowledge from teacher, of course students think teacher’s attitudes is their study power. Also parents attitude is necessary, parents encourage children, children will have more confidence to study better.I have a best experience of this. When I was in middle school, in home,my parents was busy, they didn’t have enough time to focus on me. In school, my teacher did not attitude to me. So I don’t like study, it is boring,even though I got a good grade, my parents and teacher did not say any encourage words. So I got a terrible at final exam. My parents know I got so low grades,they want