Education and Standardized Testing Essay

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Tylia Banks
English 1A
Absence of Creativity in Education
Something seems to be missing from the education in America. K-12 education sets the stage for higher education and what students will go on to do for the rest of their lives. The education scale of math, reading and science is holding teachers and students back from exercising the full potential of America’s future. Combining creativity into all aspects of education, as well as changing America’s view of standardized testing, are two important aspects that we need to consider for the next generation of students.
Creativity has continuously been cut from the K-12 schools due to a lack of funding. When schools’ budgets are cut, the first things that seem to go are art and music programs. Not only are these programs vital for well-rounded educated individuals, but they also encourage students who are involved in these programs do better in other academic courses. The most memorable experiences within own education have been with teachers who took simple math and science concepts and applied them in real-world scenarios.
I think creativity can be brought into any environment. Squashing creativity in higher education can determine whether a student chooses a specific career path later in life, or even wants to continue with any education. In my own experience, I had teachers talk to my parents about me doodling in class many time. My parents’ response to them was, “So what?” They said “She is a good student; as long as she is not interrupting the class let her free her mind.” Teachers encouraging open-ended creativity with their students are a crucial part of creating well-educated people. Supporting creativity in the classroom is only the first step in revamping education as we know it.
The second step involves standardized testing, which does not and will never be able to accurately test the true knowledge of a student (especially when it comes to their creativity).
If America wants to achieve a higher educational system that competes with other national systems that have better ways of