Education and Students Essay

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Yi Ye
RHET 120 (Reading report 2)
Professor Meritt
In my mind, to be a teacher is a noble profession. They educate young people and act as a positive role model. They mostly have strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Creativity, energy and patience are three main characteristics of a teacher. They are the figure of helper or partner to students. A good teacher displays self confidence when he or she is teaching, as he or she has control of the classroom and the students know who is in charge. Without doubt, a good teacher knows what to teach and how to teach the most impressive knowledge to students. After reading these two articles, I have deeper understanding about good teachers and perfect education in an ideal way.
Al-Ghazali lists all rights and responsibilities that he thinks students and teachers should have. From his perspective, teaching or learning should be based on spiritual dimension. Without spiritual dimension, teaching or learning cannot occur meaningfully. These main goals of education entirely belong to moral goals since it related religion. He stated that “the highest and the noblest of all science, is to know God” (465). In Al-Ghazali’s mind, teachers may have as much or more influence on students in school than their parents at home, since young children spend the majority of their day in schools. He admonishes students to respect their teachers and teachers should treat their students kindly, each learning from the other. For learners, even you are in front of others, you also need practice and apply to the way you live your life. It is better to be with people who will do you good, which is similar with what Hsun Tzu said in Encourage Study. Learners should be humbled and grateful for what teacher has taught. To take shortcuts never seems to be a good way for learners. It will be fruitful if learners can be patient, have perseverance and endure even study is really tedious for them. Of course, it is necessary to take one step at a time instead of rushing into thins. Slowly but surely is one way of learning. The main goal for teachers on education is about the importance of a person’s relationship