The Story Of Fregy String Accident

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Silly String Accident

That morning when rameck said to his history teacher saying what was this while flipping through his history book. He asked “how come there’s no black history taught in this school”. Rameck was upset because all he saw was white folks and nothing about black history. His history replied with “We teach the history of all Americans ramek. Rameck was furious of how they don’t have anything about black history. The next day he sees a seventh grader in the hallway with a can of silly string rameck tells the boy to hand it over. Rameck then laughed and tossed it to from George to Sampson with no purpose in mind. Suddenly he said to Sampson and George lets go to the biology teacher. They then went through an empty hall to the teacher’s room, and then he knocked on the door the door opened. The teacher then stood there saying what do you want with and angrily tone. Rameck pulls out his hand and push the button without thinking and sprayed a sticky web of bright pink silly string up and down her face. The teacher turned to her class, the students were laughing and fell off there chair. Rameck disappeared from the hall but shortly they called him to the principle threw the speaker phone. Rameck went into the offices with his breath held knowing his principle was going to yell at him of how stupid he is for what he did and how he was suspended from school from the moment. Rameck reply’s saying “you mean I can’t come back” he asked in disbelief all he thought about was his mother grandmother had sacrificed for him. He slumped down the hallway. After a couple of days his teacher started developing an allergic chemical reaction to the chemical in the silly string and threatened rameck for criminal charges.
On court day rameck apology for his actions. As his teacher walks up