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Jevena Eley
CHFD215: Child Development Midterm Exam

Chapter 1
1b Connection: How do cultural values, political forces, economic resources, and child development research affect children’s development? What levels of Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory contain these influences? Be sure to answer this question specifically related to the ecological systems theory and not just in general. (a) Cultural values, political forces, economic resources, and child development research affects children’s development in various ways. Cultural values affect children’s development because depending on how a child is raised or beliefs they were taught affect their self-confidence, beliefs, achievements and goals they want to accomplish and how they carry themselves in public or just in general. There are many cultures so each child is affected differently. Political forces affect child development for example, when the government decides to cut back on after school programs, school programs and supplies which if there is a lack of supply it can affect schooling and how the child will learn. That also affects a child’s IQ. Economic resources affect a child’s development because if a family has more money for instance, that child can go to better schools which in turn have a higher IQ, better grades, and this will increase their self-esteem. As opposed to a low income family where the child has to attend a low budget school that lacks activities which could lead to emotional and behavior problems. Either which way overall economic resources definitely has an effect on child’s development. Child development research affects children’s development in a positive way. There are always new findings and studies about children to learn and discover. Completing research helps children’s development so much more because there are so many factors that come into how a child develops. Also doing more research helps children with development delays where new studies can show new ways to care or things that can help a child of that nature. Each area mentioned supports the other and goes hand in hand. (b) The levels of Bronfenbrenners ecological systems theory that contain influences are microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem. These systems play roles, norms and rules that help with development. All systems coincide with each other that have an effect on children’s development.
Chapter 2
2b Application: A researcher wants to find out if children enrolled in child-care centers in the first few years of life do as well in school as those who are not in child care. What developmental design is appropriate for answering this question? Explain. (a) The developmental design that’s appropriate is using the clinical or case study method. The clinical/ case study method is combining interviews, observations, test scores, and sometimes psycho-physiological assessments. This method will be great because it will use several assessments to compare and contrast children development in two different environments. This method will also provide descriptive insights into factors that affect development.

Chapter 3
3a Application: Nora, pregnant for the first time, has heard about the teratogenic impact of alcohol and tobacco. Nevertheless, she believes that a few cigarettes and a glass of wine a day won't be harmful. Provide Nora with research-based reasons for not smoking or drinking. (a) Smoking and drinking while pregnant is very bad for you and your baby. Not only smoking is harmful to yourself but it’s twice as harmful to your child. Your baby will be exposed to dangerous chemicals such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar. These chemicals will lessen amount of oxygen baby gets. Oxygen is very important for a healthy baby and lungs. Also women who smoke most likely to have ectopic pregnancy, vaginal bleeding, placental abruption, placenta previa, and stillbirth delivery. Babies that are born to