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Education for Happiness
Many people make the choice of attending college or a university after graduating high school for reasons they choose for themselves. For many people college is a great way to launch the next step towards a dream job. A well paying job is required in order to secure ones future financially. Many people choose to go to college to have new life experiences, meet new people, and simply live the college life. I made the choice to attend college because I want to make my parents proud for becoming the first in my family to attend and graduate from college, and doing so I want to pursue a career as a veterinarian technician. My love and respect for animals encouraged me to make this choice and have high hopes for my future.
In the economy we are living in, it is important to have a college degree in order to have a high paying career. A college degree shows employers that you are knowledgeable, hardworking, and committed enough to an area of study to finish the job. While any high school graduate could tell the employer these traits about themselves, the college graduate has proof he or she is the best for the job. Going to college to have an education enables students to acquire knowledge, have a better life, and open doors for many career opportunities. My primary focus while I attend college is to increase my knowledge on biology. A good knowledge of biology is an important skill to master in order to be a good and well-respected veterinarian technician.
When I was a child my parents did not have much money, I would hear them argue about it everyday, and it would make me wonder if that’s how I was going to end up when I become an adult. It wasn’t until I entered middle school that I realized my parents did not go to college. It wasn’t until then, that I understood why my parents always argued about money. My parents where always stressed from their low paying jobs and that made it difficult to raise our family. From that point on I made it my goal in life to attend college and graduate with a degree. After I made that decision, I made the choice to pursue a career as a veterinarian technician. When I made the decision to attend college after high school, I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to major in. Some of the ideas that went through my head as I thought of which career I wanted to pursue where video game programming, dental hygienist, and doctor. I loved video games, I played on my Xbox and Nintendo everyday when I…