Education: High School and Education Essay

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Education not only prepares us for a job and a career, but it plays another very important role by helping us to evolve as better human beings. A well-educated person has an open mind, and displays a sense of maturity and wisdom. Education makes sure we have a good job, which in turn leads to a more comfortable lifestyle.
After high school I plan on going to designing school which I will try to make it as a blue print designer this has been my dream for a minute now I love to draw my outfits out and design things and be organized. Designing has always been my passion.
The process it will take to become a designer lots of work and dedication you will have to at least have a 2.5 in school but a lot of creativity in life the higher your gpa the more money you are worth to the world the lower your gpa you probably not going to have a high paying job.
Even though I can’t draw I love to sketch out designs. And love being creative and having something none else have like a school wardrobe I sketch out before I buy it I plan to succeed this goal by doing well in school being the best I can be. education may not seem like a big it factor in this career but it is. You'll gain information and skills that you'll use for the rest of your life, no matter what career you choose. In addition to expanding your general knowledge and your skills, you will learn to grasp abstract concepts and theories, and increase your understanding of the world and your community. You will also learn to