education impact work life Essay

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The short story “Education Impacts Work-Life Earning Five Times More Than Other Demographic Factors, Census Bureau Reports” written by states that education has more effect on earnings than other factors such as race and gender. The report also mentions that over 40-year span, non-Hispanic white males, Asian males and females benefit from higher level education more than any other groups that they have studied on. Other factors such as English speaking ability, citizenship, and geographic location play a major part in work-life earnings but none had more impact than education. This report is interesting because most of us can relate to. There are many different people with different cultures from all around the world living in the United States who can relay with this article. Unfortunately, there are more people whose highest education completed is high school than people with higher level of education. According to this study, the group with higher level of education makes more than double of the group with high school diploma or lower level education. We can see this difference in our everyday life by analyzing the different class levels of living. People with higher education live a much comfortable life than those who have a high school diploma. For example, because of many reasons my father wasn’t able to continue higher education. As results, he has to work twice as hard as someone with higher level of education and still will earn less than that person.