Education In Pakistan Essay

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Conclusion The human Capital theory postulates that the most efficient path to national development lies in the improvement of country’s population. And almost all social planners are convinced that the best way to improve the population is through various forms of education and training. The Economists such as Schults and Becker and economists of education such a Welch and Hoffmen see a direct link between education and Socio-economic growth. Education has a modernizing influence on the values beliefs and behaviors which make human beings more development oriented. Now keeping the above important notion in mind it is of paramount importance that the Federal as well as all provincial authorities in Pakistan must put in their rational and …show more content…
1. The curriculum of rural education may be updated and education related to agriculture, farming, gardening, carpentry, electrical, and other technical education may be included in the curriculum, based on the requirements of the agrarian rural areas and the local cottage industry etc. at the primary, secondary and Higher Secondary level.
2. To attract more number of students and creating enthusiasm in them for learning, visual aids like projectors, television etc. can be used to show some educational movies.
3. To motivate the teachers, they should be made to feel proud that by teaching in the rural or remote area they are acting as a helping hand in the development of economy.
4. Some special sessions or classes can be conducted for the parents to make them realize the significance of education for their children.
5. On the lines of KP and Punjab Provinces of Sindh and Balochistan shall also initiate schemes to appreciate the efforts of students, e.g. some type of scholarships either in the form of gifts or books can be given to them on regular basis who perform well in the