Education is an Improtant asset Essay

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u06d1 Interview Education is a very important asset in today’s society. One of the major conditions in order to receive education is that the child must be of presences on a daily basis, being in school forms good work ethics, a positive attitude and academic success. Springfield School District Policy states “Consistent attendance is a prerequisite for assuring the academic, social and emotional growth of the student. In addition regular and punctual attendance is important to the development of responsible and effective work/study habits” (Springfield School District, 2011). My interview started at 7:00pm Monday 16, 2011 and ended at 8:45pm. But the conversations continued to 9:15pm. My experience of this interview was very insightful. Some of the answers to my question gave me more insight to my stated problem (students not coming to school on a daily). The interview went very well. I believe my questions were answered in a timely manner. I felt convertible and relax and so did my interviewer. When asking the questions I made sure that my interviewers finished answering the question at hand before asking another. Further, some of the interviewers answer’s where followed by sub-question, can you please explain your answer and more detail. When the interview was over I thanked my interviewer. The conversation continued without any questions being asked but interesting information was given by my interviewer which kept the conversation going. This was a very good interview and I am glad that this was one of our class assignments. The process of my interview involved in finding who I could get to interview. Once I knew who I wanted to interview, I talked to that person explained what the