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The educational benefit of video games There have been many concerns regarding children playing video games. Some people like to think it can be harmful to children, while others think it is not harmful and may even be educational. In today’s society we all use electronics from calculators in the classroom to video games at home for entertainment and leisure times. We all have our own opinions, so there is no wrong or right answer. In my opinion, I do not believe that video games are harmful to kids. Being that I myself am young and play video games somewhat as well, I feel there are positive outcomes of video game playing. One positive outlook on video game playing is that there is an increase in problem solving skills. Playing video games requires you to think strategically, it allows you to come up with ways to master puzzles or obstacles. That increase also has another benefit which is it increases the speed of decision making. In our society today that is a great skill that is improved because of extreme situations frequently occurring and at a possible job they should have in the future. Another benefit to playing video games is perseverance. When one sets out to accomplish a goal like the game they are determined to finish it at all cost. The player will use strategies and planning to overcome many of the oppositions and difficulties in the games. By refusing to quit the player is demonstrating the quality needed to preserver. This is also another great real world example, if they are working for a corporation and are starting out small from the bottom and not making as much they would know they want to make their pay far greater then how they started, so they would set a goal for themselves so they work harder and longer to achieve what they desire. Mapping is another great benefit learned by playing with video games. In certain types of games the player must reference a map of his location to help him or her find there way through different terrains. The player keeps track of where they’ve been in the course of the game thereby allowing them to stay on track so that, ultimately, reach their destination. Today we use GPS’s to get around to our destinations but they will still need to know and understand so