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Syed Taha
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Class name and period date The Importance of Education Education is essential for everyone.It helps people earn respect as well as recognition. It is a part of life which cannot be neglegted apart from this the standard of education is still a major problem which should be treeted.

Education is important for every single person existing on the face of this earth.Education is the only medium which doesn't contain any adverse effects on humanlife.The education is so important that its advent made people able to discover what was hidden we can take the example of learning by reading books which can contain any subject such as Mathematics,General knowledge,cultures and so on.Apparently people may become more civilized if they are better educated.In areas where residents didn't get a good standard education,life cannot be as prsperous than it is in areas where residents are provided with high quality education.

Education plays such an important part in our life that we cannot even imagine life without it.It generates a healthy and advanced community.Everything that we create today is based on educztion and the all that we know today is entirely based on education.The new inventions scientists made nowadays is also based on education

Taha 2 which they receive.The world tours which we have by a blessing which is known as aeroplane is also an invention based on education.The more developed and advanced life becomes the necessity of education increases for everyone. Although education has a significant