Education System Essay

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The purpose of Sir Ken Robinson’s talk is to provoke people’s thoughts about flaws in the education system. He uses information and opinions to imply problems with current system.
Robinson sees a problem with the education systems and believes that the current system does not fit with the modern day economics of the world. He believes the system has not changed to suit the needs of the 21st century population. He proclaims that the current system was designed for the 18th and 19th century people during the industrial revolution and is not suitable for today’s people.
Robinson is assuming that a difference can be made. He also assumes that the current system does not work although only lists off the problems of the system and none of the benefits. He assumes that education is the reason for people losing their ability to think divergently. His final assumption is that there is a correlation between the increase of ADHD cases and the beginning of standardized testing.
The information Robinson uses in his one sided debate includes that a degree or diploma does not guarantee a job. He states that the curriculum is set in schools and the students are told what they are supposed to learn. It is also stated that students are grouped into age groups. Lastly, Robinson states that people lose their ability to think divergently as they get older.
The key concepts Robinson touches on in his talk consist of the following; class groupings, effects of standardized testing, effects of ADHD deterrent drugs, and the idea that the education system needs to be changed.
Robinson’s inferences about the education system are based on unproven correlations