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The education system is a lot different now than it was in elementary, middle, and high school. It’s different mainly because college you have to pay for yourself, unless of course you get help from the government or get scholarships. In elementary, middle and high school you were able to go to school without paying for it unless you went to a private school. I use to enjoy going to school but once I graduated in 2010 and started college in the fall of 2010 I started to hate school. Once you’re paying for school on your own you have a way different perspective on the education systems. To me, is does not matter what county, city or state you’re in it is all the same.

I have many experiences that have not been the greatest with the education system and staff of the colleges I have been too. With having really bad test anxiety it makes things very difficult for me. And the statement that Mike Rose wrote in his book Lives on the Boundary, “I get in there, and everything seems okay. But as soon as we start writing, I freeze up. I’m a crummy writer, I know it. I know I’m going to make lots of mistakes and look stupid. I panic. And stop coming.” (Lives on the Boundary, Rose, Page 1) this passage explains just how I feel when I go in to take a test, not just writing, all subjects. Most teachers I have had felt it was an excuse when I say I have test anxiety, but if there more than three people in a room while I take a test I freak out and I rush my work and forget half the stuff I actually studied for. I’m a great student if teachers give me a chance. If they do not I feel there is no reason to even try.

The issues I have in college are issues that are able to have improvement. Most teachers need to understand each students needs and not come to conclusions about them. They also need to give each and every one of their students a chance from start to finish. If teachers actually…