Education: Teacher and Children Essay

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Children in this day and age are way too spoiled. Anyone getting rewarded for anything that is just, is completely insane. We are supposed to do the right thing regardless of rewards or not. We should live with good morals and respect. Education is free and should be appreciated by all the children who receive it because knowledge goes a long way and that is something no one can rob you of. We should enforce and motivate our children to gain all the knowledge available to them for free.
I don’t believe nor do I agree with this proposal that children should be compensated to get an free education. Children wouldn’t go to school for the knowledge needed, they would go to school for the compensation that is promised. So if 100% of children attended school for the money, then only 60% of them will actually have career chosen paths and attend college.
In Good perspective, receiving funds to attend school would be a great way to motivate the children that doesn’t want to attend school and the children who voluntarily attend school with great attitudes would be a plus for them. The children attending school for the funds for good behavior or attendance is totally irrelevant, for the simple fact they would be attending for all the wrong purposes.
In a Negative aspect towards this proposal of children receiving funds to attend school would be the fact of invasion of our children’s privacy. Every teacher would keep track of the students’ grades, behavior, and attendance. They would report these stats to the board of education, who then will report them to the government. The government will track the student’s throughout their entire education span. I feel that no one should keep a close eye on the children except for the school and the parents. The federal government would be wasting time and money to create and maintain this program.
Another negative aspect of this proposal would be the difficulty of regulating the accounts on every single student. It would be way too