Education: Today, market driven Essay

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Throughout the video clip, the teachers who were interviewed expressed their perspectives and deep concernment about major challenges American students face today. Many of which I strongly agree such as higher education becoming mediocre because of the students’ underachievement due to a lack of preparation, higher education becoming a market driven business, and the overall inefficiency in undergraduate educational systems. The system cannot show whether or not students are learning something in college, despite the fact that students are lacking studying skills. Students face many obstacles one of them being a lack of preparation for higher education. Students are graduating from K-12 but do not carry either the tools or the discipline or good studying skills to follow though college. Another obstacle students are facing is money. Seventy-two percent of college the students work either full-time or part-time. Going to college is part of the American dream but the fact is that it is no longer affordable. According to statistics, one in four students don’t get to sophomore year for various reasons including money. And the truth is that the new America is more market driven than it was thirty or forty years ago. Colleges and Universities in America are using selectivity and prestige as a hook to generate funds. And the reality is that we all find ourselves competing to stay on top in society; making college a necessity to stay in the middle class even if the entire educational system has taken a turn around. I strongly disagree with the fact that professors are far interested in wanting to develop a