Essay on Educational Psychology and Formative Assessment

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Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development

The roles * of Initial assessment in identifying learners needs * formative assessment in tracking learner progress * summative assessment in assessing learner achievement

1, initial assessment
This function is to ascertain if the learner has any previous experience or knowledge on the subject that is being assessed. It can provide information on the learner for example the specific assessment requirements, their learning style , if they have any additional needs such as dyslexia , further training they may need and also indicates where support may be needed. This means that we can treat every learner as an individual as everyone is different and it will depend on their prior knowledge and skills. Initial assessments can also show if the learner is ready to be assessed straight away or they need training or practice in the work environment. It will also tell us if they have any recognised prior learning which can be taken into account and used as evidence for their current qualification and helps to determine the assessment route chosen for the learner
2, Formative assessment
Formative assessment is ongoing throughout learners programme. It ascertains the learners progress so far in order to plan further learning and development. Formative assessment can happen at any time during the learners programme and is usually informal. It can be used as to ensure that the learner is