Educational Psychology and Person Centred Planning Essay

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Annie Ellis
Lesson No:
Advance Training Academy NW10 7SU

20 mins.
Number of learners:

What is person centred planning?
Aim of Lesson:
To give students a synopsis of person centred planning in an umbrella term for adults with learning disabilities who use social care services to plan their own futures.
Differentiation-All students will be able to:
All students students should be able to identity What does person centred planning means? "It means putting the person at the centre of planning for their lives"
Differentiation-Some of the more advanced students will be able to:
Some students should be able to able to list specific attributes of what person centred planning is about:
Differentiation- A few of the most advanced students will be able to:
A few students should be able to explain that person centred planning is grounded in a rights based approach incorporating principles of independence, choice and inclusion.
Risk assessment of the venue:
Students should be informed on the venue's health and safety regulations. Ensure students are aware of nearest fire exit, room is well ventilated and all ICT equipment is PACT tested. All are a free of obstructions.
Assessment Methods:
Functional Skills:
0 to 5 minutes

Students will be verbally informed of all housekeeping, health and safety and ground rules and structure of course content.

General information on fire exit, fire alarm plans for day. Refreshments and housekeeping. Health and safety of room, ICT equipment, cables etc, gang ways to be free of obstructions. Discuss timetable of today's substructure.

I will introduce and welcome students to the lesson, asking them open questions, and showing them introductory information of the term "What is person centred" using PowerPoint.

I will explain to students I am relating person centred to adults with a learning