Educational Technology Essay

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Name :Minh Nhut Dao
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Topic: Impact of technological advancement and innovations on learning.
Deadline 5pm 28th February 2014
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The revolution of technology on education undoubtedly change the way we study. In the past, the study was only an interaction between student and teacher through books and board. Unlike the past, blackboard has been replaced by projectors inside classroom, and in steads of using only book, computer or tablet devices have been allowed to use popularly as a new study methods. However, with the rise of use of technology in school, today’s education is affected in both negative and positive ways. In spite of the benefit of educational technology, it is necessary to be considered the important of the attitudes of teacher and student in way adopting technology integration.
In fact, technology, specifically internet resources, can be applied to support both teacher and student for teaching and learning. For student, using the effective resources on internet has been one of the important studying methods in school (Cloud, 1989). As a tutors, computer with internet connection become an enormous source that student can be easy to access the essential information. For example, in history, “research on the Internet has yielded a vast potential source of improved resources, both text and visual, including unprecedented access to archive material” (OfStEd, 2003, p. 5).
Moreover, throughout the internet, student can able to interact with the world even though when they are in classroom by experiencing the live community in their state, their nation and the world (CARET, 2005). For teacher, internet has become interactional tool with their student. Cheung and Huang (2005) stated that many teachers in university upload their course document such as PowerPoint slides or study guide into the internet for student.

However, integrating technology into schooling does not mean giving completely a meaningful education. It depends significantly on the interaction between teacher and student as well as the way approaching to teaching and learning. Edwards, the 2013 North Carolina Superintendent of the Year, stated in an interview that “teachers show students they care and technology enables educators to rethink school to prepare students for the demands of a 21st century workplace”. (Sarah S, 2013). As a result, this lack of confident when using new technology or new programs restrict indirectly student on accessing the benefit of integration of technology. The evidence is that in a research, Zittle (2004) found that the students whose teachers used whiteboards have higher scores in reading arts than other ones whose teacher did not use them. In addition, while hi-tech equipment is allowed to use in classroom only for learning, some student has overuse it for entertainment.
In conclusion, it is no doubt that technology is an important part of education today but besides their benefit, this integration process still has