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Jewell A. Moon
ENG 1101-325
Instructor Felicia J. Monroe
January 22, 2015

My strategies for succeeding at my school work.

I Jewell Moon attended Richard Allen School. My eight grade year we had a score-up determine to succeed “ Ralley Interest Reply To Help My Child Get Better Test Scores.” Attending the score up tutorial workshop, I will participation in the workshop for parents, achieving a grade point average of 3.5.

First, I was selected to receive intensive, tutoring services by the best teachers in Richard Allen schools. I was selected based on my test scores on the Iowa test of Basic skills and short cycle testing. The score up program is designed to assist students in getting better test scores; and to assist parents in supporting their child’s academic goals.
Attending the tutorial workshop my willingness to work hard, accept personal responsibility, and follow through on the many difficult challenges and demands of the Richard Allen way. Keeping a log for the week of the most successful strategies and techniques in the program to focus and aim to reach a score of 75% passing or better. My tutor’s will work with me over a six-month period in small group sessions and one-on-one sessions to improve my test scores. I used my test smarts that I was taught and understood the entire question on the test I felt real good about my answers. I carefully check my work by reading over each question answer a second time and I completed the test on time. I pass my test and I score up I was so happy and proud of my teachers and parents and myself were too. I was inducted into the 3.5 club for achieving a GPA of 3.5 or above during the second quarter of the 2008-2009 school year of Richard Allen Schools. I attended the workshops being held every other Saturday from 9:00am to 12:00pm at downtown campus. Helping students prepare for tests. I was taught a student tool. My study plan, which included the Ten Smart Study Tricks: 1.Highlight key words, read over notes. Highlight key words. 2. Web ideas, make a web for individual topics. 3. Make flash cards, make up flash cards for special words and drawings. 4. Ask questions make up questions for each topic. Ask each of the questions at least three different ways. 5. Play Jeopardy, Use key words as answers and make up a question for each. 6. Review worksheets, review all worksheets, and written assignments in the unit. Cover up the answers and try them again. Change one activity on the worksheet and complete it. 7. Make closes, make up fill-in-the-blank statements. 8. Practice drawings, practice drawing any diagrams from the unit. Label al the parts and explain the diagram. 9. Create practice tests, make up a practice test. 10. Be a teacher, teach someone else the information. I also using my test smart on exams, tests and quizzes. Before the test. 1. Did I review two to three nights before the test? 2. Did I ask my parents for help reviewing for the test? 3. Did I take home my review and other information I would need for reviewing? 4. Did I have a good sleep the night before? 5. Did I have a healthy breakfast this morning? 6. Did I bring to school all the materials I would need? 7. Did I think positive thoughts to myself? During the test, I use these strategies. Did I read and follow the directions carefully, did I use positive self- talk to encourage myself, did I use my time well, did I complete the test on time, did I give each question my best try, did I concentrate on the test and keep my focus, did I understand the directions, did I understand the questions on the test, did I have enough