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How is Edward Scissor hands characterised through Tim Burton’s use of setting and other characters?

In the perfect town no one accepts Edward because of his default, would you?
In the perfect town no one accepts Edward because of his default, who can blame them? Having a stranger come in to their orderly lives with scissors for hands. Edward Scissor-hands is an innocent outcast in the outskirts of town. The inspiration of Edward comes from Burton’s life experiences being an outcast as a child; Edward is aimed to be a reflection of Tim himself. Burton mixes Horror and Fantasy to describe Edward and also uses setting, lighting, sounds and camera angles in the film to show the viewers an understanding of Edward and his background. ADD RHETORICAL QUESTION AND THESIS

Peggy, the local Avon representative is having no luck with customers, the bored house wives of the near-to-perfect town don’t buy her products, she becomes desperate for someone, she seeks a client in Edwards dull and gothic castle. Peggy is the first person in the town to truly notice Edwards dark castle looming over the pastel orderly houses, Edward is found living alone in his solitary mansion.

This scene introduces Edward fully into the movie.
Peg finds a strange disfigured character hiding in the shadows, his scars outline his pale skin and his rugged mop like hair frame his face. This scene perfectly characterises Edward as an outcast as he has kept himself confined in this decaying castle. Burtons use of ___ lighting characterises Edward in a way that he is shown to be an outcast lurking in the shadows, dialogue “don’t go’

Peg bogs characterises Edward as an outcast because she tries to make him fit it but fails because he is too different
Changes his clothes
Trying to change his face
Dinner table eating