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By Tiarne Hamam 1. Name of text: Edward Scissorhands 2. Composer: Tim Burton 3. Text type: Film 4. What is the text about?
Edward Scissorhands is about Edward, a Frankenstein-like creation with scissors for hands, who is left alone unfinished in his creator’s mansion. Many years after Edward was created, local Avon saleswoman Peg Boggs visits the broken-down Gothic mansion on the hill where Edward lives. There, she finds Edward alone, and upon realizing he is virtually harmless she decides to take him to her home. Peggy’s inquisitive neighbours like Edward and begin to exploit him. Edward is then rejected from the town after a few misunderstandings. Edward stabs Jim in the stomach
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Mr Boggs even states “This must be a real change for you Ed?” Kevin then says “Can I bring him to show and tell?” These quotes display that Edward does not belong and the people who don’t belong can be exploited.
This is also at the barbeque where Edward is introduced to the neighbours and called and accepted as “extraordinary”. Humour is also used effectively in this scene to demonstrate Edwards’s lack of knowledge about the outside world and the fact that it will be hard for him to fit in. One of the neighbours invites Edward to a game of cards and says “The guys and I were talking, we'd like want to invite you to our card game on Friday night. Would you like that? Only thing is, you can't cut!” Edward not understanding this joke shows how he is finding it difficult to fit in.
When Edward’s hedges and haircuts become fashionable his talents are taken advantage of and the entire neighbourhood follows. “Edward is there anything you can’t do?” this quote is quite ironic as there are obviously many things that he can’t physically complete.
Edward is again exploited when he is used to break into Jim’s house. Jim sees him as an easy target and even says to Kim “Come on he will do anything for you”. Once Edward goes inside of the room they just leave him, only thinking about themselves. The room which he is in is all white which contrasts with the black clothes that Edward is