Edwardian Era Research Paper

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The Edwardian Era is the golden age of Great Britain. It was a time of the lavish lifestyle and all its glories. Everything had a golden aroma, rich with the luxuries in every subject of life. People in its higher and middle social societies threw lavish parties, had the most incredible food and it was also a time where fashion was very important. The Edwardian Era however, was a great transition into the modern age from the highly influential victorian era in which everyone in society embraced gradually. The king who ruled from 1901 to 1911 is known as king Edward VII and this time period was appropriately named the Edwardian Era after him. The Edwardian Era is a very special and important time in history that affected the world in more …show more content…
She really believed that he was not ready at all but in order to keep him occupied, she would send letters that are not important, like someone who is coming for dinner or when there will be a rally, another example is if one of their relatives is visiting and he would entertain them. He then got frustrated that after every effort to prove himself he is still not taken seriously and told his mother all at once that he did not care anymore. It was obvious to him what his mother was doing, so Edward decides that If he wasn't going to be involved then he told his mother to not send him anything anymore. So when they came to the agreement, his mother stopped sending him any type of notice or letters to try to keep him involved. After having no responsibility, he completely became dedicated and embraced the lavish life of luxury in anyway. When prince albert died, Queen Victoria panicked to keep him grounded so she seed to it that Edward is to be married to Princess Alexandra of Denmark, a planned arrangement by Prince Albert and the Queen. Lucky enough for them they liked each other from the start when they met and were content with each other. King Edward had many many mistresses and always tried to be discreet but it was not enough because he then became to be known as a playboy. Women are a big part of Berty’s life. Even when he was very overweight, he ordered a chair so that he is able to sleep with women easier because it became hard for him to move around. Through his lavish parties there were also many indulgences that he enjoyed like how he smoked over twenty cigars a day which ultimately attributed his failing health in the long run. Alexandra however was not moved by this and just dealt with his infidelity all her life. When he married alexandra she was perfect because she