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Unwind written by Neal Shusterman is a novel about three teenagers fighting against the system of unwinding. They choose to take the risk of running away from a life of having their body dissected and separated. Lev is known as a religious character that is positive about being tithed. Three problems that Lev have to face is first to understand what it means to be a tithe, secondly to establish his own opinion towards unwinding and thirdly to learn how to work as a part of a team, so the system of unwinding can be destroyed.

At the beginning of the story, Lev showed a positive attitude towards the fact that he is a tithe, ‘This is what I was born for.’ which differs him from the majority. ‘He knew he was a tithe from the time he was little’ Since his religion contributes to his decision-making, he shows eagerness to the fate of being tithed. ‘This is what I was born for.’ Lev shows gratitude of being chosen as a tithe and he assumed that being a tithe is an honour to him and also that he is representing the whole family ‘He is his family’s pride and joy’. Throughout the novel, ‘Lev could survive on his own now.’ he starts to have his own thoughts and build his own opinion because he is out of his comfort zone and is now able to be influenced by others’ opinions who see tithing in a different and negative way. ‘He knows he’s been changed by this moment,’ He starts to perceive the reality behind the system of unwinding and develops his own thoughts and opinions for the first time in his life.

He did not appreciate the fact that he was being ‘rescued’ by Connor and Risa, ‘Being torn from his purpose was the most unnerving thing that had ever happened to Lev’ because from his stance, being unwound was a privilege and an honour. ‘I am lost in every possible way’, in that time, his thoughts were all from his family and religious. But now he is out of his comfort zone. ‘…Lev is no longer a boy bound by rules’ He is now surrounded with people with different judgment and he showed willingness to comprehend others’ opinions which leads him to build up his own opinion, which is that being unwound is wrong and unjust. He has now established up his own thoughts towards to society and is no longer trapped in his previous beliefs. He is now agreeing with that the idea of unwinding is faulty so he challenged himself towards destroying the system he once believed in. ’Anger, but not just anger: the will to act on it as well.’

Lev was self-centered in the start of the story, everything he does is towards his own benefit, He was seeking for “HELP!” and “I’M BEING HELD HOSTAGE BY TWO AWOL UNWINDS.” He did not show consideration towards Risa and Connor’s safety because his action had risked their lives. He did not appreciate the helping from Connor and Risa because he was strongly held by his belief, so in his perspective, he was “Being torn from his purpose.” The point of realisation began to grow after he met Cy-Fi and they have to work as a team to survive, ‘He’s gotten street smart enough.’ he learnt…