Management Practices In The Workplace

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This paper will explain how good management practices of planning, leading, organizing, staffing, and controlling are implemented into the workplace. It will analyze the application of these management concepts to the workplace. Including specifics of how five functions are practiced in the workplace. Applying the five functions can only improve any business that is willing to accept changes. At the time it was not known that the Boutique was using the five functions. The course made it clear that the owner was utilizing the five functions and the contribution it will offer to the business when practiced during operation.

Effective Management
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Additionally, the business created a strategic plan for long-term goals implementing a solid plan, which will determine the future of the boutique. Since planning is the progress of achieving goals, and determining how to accomplish them. Accomplishing goals is a top priority, as a leader the owner set a good example and everyone was motivated to follow his lead. The goals in the plans included: new technology to keep up with the competition, provide training on how to operate the new software, giving employees an opportunity to learn new skills, hire a public relation person to give the boutique a new perspective. The other plan was Information system development (ISD) a collective effort requiring the participation of the owner and management to bring

MANAGEMENT PRACTICES their knowledge into the projects for the purpose of achieving the shared goals of solving problems by creating new information system (Cho, 2008). Advertising was also in the plan one of the failures in a business is not educating management as to the processes and importance of advertising (Crittendon, 1971). The owner went into details how advertising communicates with consumers and will keep them in touch in the market of selling high quality merchandise. The owner needs to know who buys his merchandise in order to communicate effectively (Crittendon, 1971). Second function is leading; the leading aspect of the business begins with the owner and it extends to all