Effect of Smoking Essay

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2. Effects of smoking
Smoking is a social problem we have to solve. It has some bad effects on people’s health. There are three main effects on people, health effects, effects in pregnancy and the health effects on men.
2.1 Health effects
Firstly, smoking can cause a lot of health problems and risks, like skin with lines, clothes and hair smelly, fingers and finger nails are yellow, teeth spot, some problems of erection etc. Moreover, because of vascular degeneration, it will cause more risks of macular degeneration.
Secondly, tobacco smoke is linked to cancer and chronic disease of the lung. Smoking will lead to three times risks of mortality because of illness, such as heart disease and apoplexy. Furthermore, the increasing of blood leukocytes amount is also a main damage of smoking.
According to the Department of Health (DOH) 2004, Smoking in Britain kills over 120,000 people annually. It costs over 1.7 billion pounds in the NHS every year.
2.2 Effects in pregnancy
Smoking in pregnancy is a dangerous health issue people have to face. It can cause to high miscarriage rate and baby is born before the usual time of birth. Furthermore, accidental death in infancy and low birth-weight can be caused by smoking during pregnancy.
For children, if mother smoking in pregnancy can give rise to sickness in breathe system and mental disease. For example, pneumonia will happen.
Smoking is a main birth weakness. It will bring the bad influence from heart, musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal systems, cleft palate, club foot, missing digits and extra digits.
Exposure to the passive smoking for unborn child and mother during pregnancy has two times dangers for unborn children.
If baby’s mother smoking during pregnancy are more likely to acquire ear, nose and throat sickness. The World Health Organization (WHO, 1999) suggests parental smoking is causes to high rate of cancer in childhood.

2.3 The health effects on men

Smoking has serious effects on men reproductive