Effect of String Type on Pendulum Essay

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Question: How does the type of string affect the time it takes for the pendulum to stop?
Hypothesis: I hypothesize that the thicker the string the more quickly the pendulum will stop.
Research paper:
A pendulum is an object fastened from a focal point that, when drawn back and let go of, is enfranchised to descend by force of gravity and then out and situated above due to its inertia.
A pendulum works by using force of attraction to move potential energy to active energy and hind once more. The force that keeps an object fastened from a fixed point in motion is gravity. Inertia supplies the pendulum inclination to stay in process. After the pendulum attains a specific spot in its swing it comes back to its resting, this is because gravitational pull manages this motion by pressuring it.
A pendulum is used for measurement and timekeeping. Pendulums can be utilized in grandfather clocks. They can also be used in metronome, they help keep up with the speed of music. Pendulums help locate oil, water, gold, lost people or pets, etc. Pendulums can help you determine justice, honesty, the health of animals and plants, even relationships!
Jean Bernard Leon Foucault invented the pendulum in 1851. He was a French physicist and the son of a French publisher.
The mass the pendulum consists of is known as bob. The time it takes a pendulum to complete one whole cycle is called a period. Frequency is the number of cycles per unit of time.
We see bobs in use in the spiritual world, the can help you find lost items, resolve health problems, and even learn about past lives!
Variables: Manipulated variable- type of string
Type of string
Type of ruler
The amount of force applied
Length of string
Hang distance
Materials needed:
12in wooden ruler
Masking tape
Writing utensil, preferably a #2 pencil
Line paper
Meter stick
School desk
1. Tape a 12in wooden ruler to the top of the school desk allowing 6in to hang over. Ensure that the ruler does not move at all.
2. Cut three lengths of common string to 2cm each.
3. On one of the 24in string segments, use 2in to tie 3 paper clips (large) at the top rung of the paper clips.
4. Use 1in of string to carefully tie the string with paper clips to the ruler allowing the pendulum to freely swing downward.
5. Use a stopwatch to record when the pendulum stops moving from