Essay on effect of technology in WWII

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How did technology impact the course and outcome of WWII?

Throughout wars, technology and science advances. As technology advances, it impacts how countries and people fight in wars. WWII was no exception. In wars who ever has the latest technology and science was most likely to succeed. New medicines, communication devices, and weapons helped the countries fight better. These advancements impacted the course and outcome of countries in WWII. Some technologies had a positive effect on some and some had a negative effect on the others.

In WWII, soldiers fought in different environments that they were no used to. The soldiers who fought in forests and other swampy areas were exposed to malaria. Malaria could not be cured back then. With the lack of cure for new diseases a lot of soldiers died. During the war a very important antibiotic was invented Penicillin. It was an antibiotic that was made from fungi and was able to fight or cure was used to be serious disease or infections. Before WWII they had discovered that plasma is easier to transfer than actual blood. Plasma is the liquid component in blood, which is vital for human life. The plasma contains and carries the blood cells, water, and minerals needed. With new medicines like this the soldiers had lesser chances of dying from medical conditions. More soldiers could fight in the wars and the stronger countries got.

Imagine not having anything to call or send a message to any one from far away. It is very hard. In WWII communication devices were invented. One of the inventions was a telegraph. A telegraph is a device that uses the Morris Code to deliver messages. Telephones were also helpful with calling and sending out messages to different places that were very hard to travel by land. Though sending snail mail was available it was not as reliable. Snail mails took a long time to be sent and received, while telegraphs and telephones sent and received messages almost instantly. Plans and attack techniques were easily discussed with the new devices. Soldiers were up to date as to what they would do in certain situations and they are also informed of the new plans to avoid loosing or failing.

Weapons are important in any war or battle. In WWII new technologies were needed for guns, tanks and any kind of weapon that could harm the enemies. Weaponry could be described from guns all the way to battleships and aircrafts. A jet fighter known as the “most famous plane of