Effective Application Of Competencies Essay

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Effective Application of Competencies
David Whetzel
Walden University

In this paper I will demonstrate how the counselor in the VFE session understood how the client was affected by the traditional nature of her family, and her family not accepting her because of her being a lesbian. There is also a unique issue regarding lesbians and that’s raising children in a lesbian relationship. This paper will also cover the effects of prejudice with lesbians and society. You will see that being a lesbian or a homosexual is not a mental illness. You will see the counselor’s effectiveness in cultural competency, and the recommendations for the effectiveness of the counselor.

Effective Application of Competencies
Family and Sexual Orientation
The counselor acknowledged how the client was being affected by her traditional family values. The client’s family wasn’t accepting her of her lifestyle because of the client being a lesbian. Because her family doesn’t accept her because of her being a lesbian, the client is stressed and under a lot of pressure, which is causing her to not pursue and explore the lesbian lifestyle. The client’s family associations is the reason she doesn’t freely explore the lesbian lifestyle.
Lesbians and Raising Children
One issue facing lesbians and lesbian couples is the complication of raising a child (Sue & Sue, 2013). The counselor delved into the idea of being in a lesbian relationship and having a family is the most gratifying substitute family position. This allowed the client to think more closely about what the counselor said and put the client on a new path of thinking. The client was deep in thought after the counselor suggested raising a child while in a lesbian relationship. This gave the client an alternative way of thinking about a different way to have a family that will accept her as a lesbian.
Effects of Prejudice with Lesbians and Society The counselor acknowledged how the effects of prejudice are meddling in the life of the client and her family. The client is concerned that her family will reject her and stop speaking to her if they knew she was a lesbian. The religious beliefs of the client’s family makes it hard for the client to come out and tell them. The family believes that being a lesbian is a sin, and the family has a negative view about lesbians. Sue and Sue (2013) states that the culture in America has different views and attitudes towards the LGBTQ community. The counselor acknowledged the fears that the client was having, and how the prejudice the client was facing was affecting the client and her life.
Homosexuality is not a Mental Illness Values and prejudice of counselors has a great affect with the counseling process for lesbians (APA, 2012). The counselor used supportive counseling, in saying just because a person is a homosexual, it is not a characteristic of a mental illness. This shows that the counselor supports those who are living in an alternative lifestyle. The counselor suggested that the client should explore the lesbian lifestyle without forcing any of her