Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Essay

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management
Marissa Krick
Grand Canyon University: NRS-415V
November 18, 2012

Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management
Many healthcare organizations worldwide are striving to achieve magnet designation. Having the magnet title is essential because it recognizes healthcare organizations that act as a “magnet” for excellence by establishing a work environment that identifies, rewards, and promotes professional nursing (ANCC Magnet Designation, 2012). A magnet hospital is considered to be one where nursing provides excellent patient care, where nurses have a high level of job satisfaction, and where there is a low staff
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The nurse leaders give others the ability to understand the vision, informing those of why they are being asked to do things, and how it relates to the bigger picture (The difference between leadership and management, 2012).
In order to maintain magnet status, managers and nurse leaders must work together in order to meet the necessary requirements. With implementing bedside report, not only have patient satisfaction scores increased, the rapport between patient and nurse and quality of care has increased as well. Organizations such as Scottsdale Healthcare are recognized for treating their employees with respect and encourage educational growth in offering tuition reimbursement. With upholding magnet status, organizations are able to keep their employees when given the ability to offer such programs.
This writer has been an employee at Scottsdale Healthcare for five years now and has seen many changes take effect on the unit implemented by the nurse manager striving to increase patient satisfaction. Changes that have occurred on the unit consist of bedside reporting, hourly rounding, and updated white boards for patient information, just to name a few.
Within the past couple of months, patient satisfaction scores have decreased and management is not happy. The nurse managers have informed staff that if hourly rounding, bedside reporting, and updating white boards are not being completed employees will be reprimanded. The nurse managers