Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management Essay

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Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management in Nursing Shortage and Nurse turn-over

Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turn Over: Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management.
Nursing shortage and nurse’s turnover becomes the worsening problem in the health care industry in United States. Studies show that, by 2020, it may get more worsened approximately 30%, if no measures are taken to resolve the problem. In this essay the author is discussing the issues about the nurse turnover and nursing shortage. And also narrates about how the leaders and nurse managers resolve this issue effectively and different applicable theories of leadership and management.
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In dynamic leader –follower relationships, the guiding person is the leader. The leader provides direction to new nurses and not trying to control them. This leadership skill helps nurses to find out the stress and needs of the patient. This encourages new nurses to boost up their motivation and commitment to work and the development of leadership skills.
The theories of nursing leadership are planned to enable good communication among every individuals to build up the growth of the organization. It is strongly stated by several authors that communication is the key factor to leadership and the key essentials of leadership is a leader’s communication style between subordinates. Allowing the team members to take part in decision making, opinion poll and taking their opinions into consideration will stimulate everyone to be responsible and accountable for their own actions. In today’s worsening situation of nurse turn over and nursing shortage, nurse leaders are challenged to plan effective nursing care models. In order to provide high quality nursing care, nurse managers should evaluate the nursing process and patient outcome. They should have thorough knowledge of the current evidence based practice and they should communicate that with the staff members for the profit and growth of their facility.
There will be more medication errors, charting errors, improper and quick assessment as the nursing shortage grows. Nursing shortage puts more