Effective Communication Essay

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Effective Communication

In the 20th century our society communication has made a big improvement from the way it used to be back in the early 19th century. There has been the creation of computers, laptops, and smart phones that allows us to communicate on the go and on the drop of a dime. In business and in our everyday life, being able to communicate effectively has made conducting business extremely profitable and easy to reach measures beyond belief.

Learning how to communicate effectively is purely detrimental to a business, employees, and customers of an organization. There are two forms of communication; there is internal communication between workplace colleagues such as managers and subordinates, or between employees. The second form is external, this is between stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, retailers, or distributors.

Communications is more than just talking at someone; it’s stating directions and expectations clearly and listening to concerns and information carefully. When there are meetings in the work place, this gives opportunity for all areas of the business to be discussed and put on the table; making sure that there is effective listening so that miscommunication and misinterpretation cannot be an issue. Next in the workplace there are a number of ways that communicating can be applied, in businesses the first most effective way to communicate with employees has been through emails.

In healthcare communicating is such an important vital part of how everyone gets information, this could be a smooth transition or a disaster. There are a number of ways communicating can be effective in healthcare, there is the specialized vocabulary of the health care industry; nurses and doctors have to be able to know those terms and explain them to patients in a way that they could understand. There are many roles that employee have when it comes to the health care organization, there are a lot of lives that are at stack so information has be of top priority. For example, when a doctor interacts with their patient they have to make sure that there’s no room for miscommunication, the doctor should verify that their patients understand what happen in their appointment and understand what their plan of care should be. Listening is so important in the world of communication between a health professional and their patient, for example there should an established interest by making eye contact and nodding when appropriate. When patients are given the opportunity to express their concerns and face their fears when it comes to their healthcare, this allows for there to be more than a doctor patient relationship to be established.

The biggest thing in the world to a patient is to know that their doctor really cares about them and the type of care they are receiving from their doctor; patients that don’t feel as if their doctor is not highly involved with the care tend to leave and search for a doctor that will be. The level of communications between a health professional and their patient should be something that is taken and treated with a lot of importance. If there is a break in that communication chain, there would be a lot of room for the patient to assume that they are not important to that doctor.

Technology has made everything possible when it comes to being able to communicate with those that are not in the same state let alone the