Effective Communication With Customers

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1.There is some reason why business need to focus on customer that, they are not only people who can provide profit for the business and also it is basic requirement for the business. And customer is one of the best option for the feed back. Thus, business would not exist without customer.

People like co-worker, another department, distributor etc.. any one who does not matter if they provide even small service within organisation would be called as a internal customer. One of the important thing for the figure out what customer required is effective communication with clients. Thus, having a conversation with proper language, -staying calm and respectful -showing understanding to the customer's situation -listening to what the customer think is wrong -working on a solution the customer is satisfied with -providing a solution -following up with the customer afterwards
5.- customers with disabilities -customers from non-english speaking backgrounds -customers with different belief or values -customers with specific religious/spiritual observances -customers of specific ages or gender -customers from different cultures -customers with a unique need
7.negative-a reputation for poor products and services -lost customers -lost money positive.-turn a dissatisfied customer into a happy customer -improve service and products range -better understand individual client needs -increase client and brand loyalty