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effective cummunication is vital because without it no one can effectively cummunicate, especially with people with disabiities. Sensory impairment could be a barrier to effective communication as they can prevent service users and health care professionals from communicating correctly, this is because they interfere with a service user’s ability to send, receive and understand a message. According to Collins Education sensory impairment is the key issue why service users with sensory impairments are more exposed to ineffective care and their needs are not always met. This would make the service users have a low self-esteem because they will be left confused and unaware about their health.

Overcome this negative barrier
The service user will need to be provided with technological aids that work properly in order for them to discuss and receive information about their health from the health care professional. The health care professionals should also be alert the service user additional communication needs for those service user with sensory impairments so that they can be given aids that can help them communicate.

The environment could be a barrier to effective communication because for example if a service user and a health care professional are in a noisy uncomfortable environment it would be difficult for them to understand each other, according to Collins Education this interaction will not be effective because it reduces people’s ability to communicate as effectively as they usually would.

Define the meaning of the following and write a short paragraph on how these might create barriers to cummunication.
Jargon; Special words or expression that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand.
The quality of the message may present a barrier to cummunication. The message itself may not be clear because;
- It contains Jargon, which is hard to understand.
- The context, what the message refers to isnt clear.
- It doesnt contain all the information that is required.
- The instructions are not clear.
- Unfamiliar over complicated and technical terms.
Jargon can cause cummunication barriers;
1. When you use Jargon out of the relevant field it can be confusing and hinders understanding. it can even be used to make the outside person feel interior because they dont understand Jargon.
Reference; http://wiki-answers.com/Q/what_is_Jargon
How does this effect my writing?
In clear cummunication, Jargon must be avoided if the audience may not know it. if you are writing a technical document that will only be read by your collegues in the same field, then use Jargon as it will be quicker when trying to cummunicate. However if you are writing for a general audience, or you are not sure of their technical knowledge, it is used a little Jargon as possible- and define any Jargon used. Once youve written something, go back through it and click any words you identify as Jargon, take into consideration replacement words.
Can i be sure its Jargon?
Ask someone to what you have written and point out any words that you dont understand. Do not ask any collegue who uses the same Jargon as you. look up any suspected Jargon words in a standard dictionary, if it is not there assume its Jargon.
Dialect; A particular form of language that is peculiar to a specific region or social group. issues with dialect usually stem from the debate over what people view as standard english and what they do not view as standard english. people come from different backgrouds and have different experiences, this becomes a particular problem for communication. issues arise that confront people everyday in all job types and in most dealing with others.
Using slang in a formal enviroment automatically creates a barrier to cummunication. Trying to cummunicate with someone who may not understand 'slang' or feels 'out of place' because the usual form of language you would use in a…