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The Animal Farm
Animal farm is a film, where the animals from a farm are no longer happy with the treatment that they receive from the farm owner. The animals hold a secret meeting one night, after Mr. Jones, the owner of the farm comes back home one night drunk from a bar. The purpose of the meeting was to declare independence from Mr. Jones. The oldest member of the farm, a pig who had a lot of experience encouraged the rest of the animal to revolt against the manor’s owner. After the meeting, the old pig died and two young pigs took over power. The morning after holding the meeting and the dead of the old pig, Mr. Jones and the animals got into a revolutionary war. The animals came out victorious kicking Mr. Jones out from the manor; however, Mr. Jones came back to the farm with allies to try to get control of the manor again; but the animals came together once again to win the battle. The animals agreed in seven rules, the most important rule of all were that all animals are equal. The animals started to work the farm collectively coming together for the benefit of the group and the farm; but the pigs took advantage and enjoyed of the goods from the hard work of the others. Later the two young pigs struggle for the power, as result one killed the other and proclaimed himself as the new leader. The animals started to build a windmill in order to have more resources at the manor during winter. The animals were obligated to work from breakdown to sunset with no rest while the pigs just supervised. One day the donkey and the horse noticed, how the pigs were enjoying of everything left behind from Mr. Jones, for example the house, the food, the beds, and sofas; although, they did not do anything about it. The neighboring farmers attacked the manor and blew up