Effective Teaching And Learning Reflective Essay

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At the time studying English major in Vietnam, the term effective learning never came to me as a broad and deep perception. It was generally understood as how to perform best in each module and even with regard to the definition of effective teaching was not my major concern. As a less experienced teacher in teaching English field, the first idea on teaching and learning effectively is personally described as investing as much efforts as I can in both classrooms and social activities to activate students’ ability on using English as a foreign language effectively and fluently; effective teaching is also somehow to adapt innovative approach into lessons to motivate students to see how much they are interested in learning a different language. In addition, effective is simply potential achievement and valuable performance in teaching practice towards students’ expertise. I am particularly more interested in how policy affects the effectiveness on teaching and learning. Through Guiding Effective Teaching and Learning module, I have become more curious and conscious of how and why the fact that there is always a connection between applying things to be effective in classrooms in accompany with complying with the policy in its contexts. In this paper, I am going to give reflection what I have …show more content…
This shows that Vietnamese government has concerned about its feasibility when adapting a global policy into the national context. While policy are taken to make sure that teachers and students engage in the international measurement, it is crucial to demonstrate these policies based on cultural contexts. Once a policy is taken into account, it is surely considered giving both benefits and negative impact in