Effective Training Essay

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Case Analysis on effective Training
What else should Fred have done before choosing a training package?
I believe that Fred should focus on the two things – first he should conduct a Training need analysis (TNA) procedure before choosing a training package. It is not only important but also necessary. The TNA process includes the series of the steps which help in determining the actual problems or issues at the workplace. It helps in multiple ways. It identifies that whether the training is the only solution of the problem or the employees are lacking the important knowledge, skills and attitude which are very necessary for performing the certain tasks of the job. A pre training research is very important in this case which will help
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Otherwise, the company would not be able to implement any improvement and it would be vulnerable situation for the company and the risk for the employees too.
From the case, it is clear that the company is going to face big challenges in the upcoming time. So it is the right time to take the right decision on training and prepared the employees for these challenges. If in any case, the company would not be able to compete in the market, it would definitely create the negative situation not only for the company but its employees too including my position too. But if the company would be able to handle these challenges successfully the implementation of the training program and other corrective measure, it would open the new opportunity for me. It would be definitely a learning experience for me.
According to the case analysis, Fred had $20,000 left in his budget. What could he do with that money to further advance the organizational goal of personal service for customers? Be creative (but realistic).
It is true that as according to the case analysis, Fred had $20,000 left in his budget, So I believe that he should use this money in different ways for achieving the excellence in the area of personal services for the customers. For example – he can organize more training programs on presentation skills, communication and improving the customer relations skill. It will help Fred in improving the required skills of the employees who are not aware about the