Essay on Effectivenes Of The Legalization Of Prostitution Final

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Amma Ashitey
December 21, 2014
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Effectiveness of the Legalization of Prostitution Prostitution is a multi-billion dollar, globally distributed service industry that have created many victims and criminal behind this practice being illegal (Farmer, 2013). The legalization of prostitution and setting regulations will decrease human trafficking and allow law enforcement to focus on more violent crimes. Legalizing prostitution will allow monitoring to take place ensuring underage children and women are not working against their will. Trafficking of women and children are reported to be trafficked from 127 countries to be exploited in 137 countries. The community need to educate that “Human Trafficking” is a form of slavery and should be abolished. Legalizing prostitution will prevent the element of women and children being trapped into prostitution as a result of human trafficking. When sex workers are taken in to trafficking, they “are arrested multiple times for prostitution, often violently, and subjected to the criminal-justice system as criminals and not victims (DeBoise, 2014).” Many sex workers are forced into prostitution and their rights was taken away from them. Afraid to expose their kidnappers many continue to comply and prostitute for their safety. Incorporating taxation will assist in the transition of legalizing prostitution and setting mandates. Each worker would become independent contractors instead of remaining legal with stipulations of registering for business licenses. Making the workers and establishment obtain business licenses will also force them to walk the straight and narrow and no risk their business with illegal practices. Also, it will shut down anybody with criminal records to be able to obtain a license which will eliminate many drug dealers and child offenders being able to apply. Healthier work environments will be in place no longer relying on brothels and street conditions, which will be regulated through the states. Criminalizing clients has been noted to increase risks to sex workers’ health in a variety of ways. Lessened ability to properly negotiate with and screen clients as a result of clients’ “fear of arrest diminishes the power of sex workers to demand safer sex (Ka hon Chu, 2013).” Regulations will assist in the decrease of drug usage and implement physical examines as well to monitor STD and HIV incidents. Making it legal will force the health board to step in and more sex workers to be mindful of their bodies instead of the competitiveness of making more money and placing themselves at risk. Legalization of prostitution will remove pimps and madams from the business allowing police to focus on violent crimes. The man hours and funds used to monitor illegal practices will be distributed to other crime divisions. With a stable and mandated work environment law makers can focus on kidnappers and not so much on the workers themselves. The act of the sex worker with a client is not stated as illegal but being a pimp is illegal. Having to remove all these labels and have our law enforcement focus on helping and investigating more into the lives of these kids and workers instead of criminalizing them. There will be the decrease in street walkers in which will mean the officers assigned to those areas will be available for shooting and drug related calls. This will allow police