Effects of Aluminum Phosphide Essay

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One would believe that the remote Phi Phi Islands of Thailand, which looks like a tropical getaway, would be the best trip for a summer vacation, but for two young and unfortunate Canadian sisters –Audrey and Noémi Bélanger-, who travelled there in 2012 looking for a break from their university studies, fell into an unfathomable twisted turn of events.
Days after they had arrived, both Audrey and Noemi were discovered dead in their hotel rooms. ”Both were found covered in vomit, with their fingernails and toenails tinged blue. Thai autopsies concluded the sisters died after drinking a cocktail containing the insecticide DEET..” (http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/quebec-sisters-who-died-mysteriously-at-thailand-resort-were-likely-intoxicated-by-pesticides-coroner-says, Paragraph 3) Years later, a coroner from Quebec shunned the Thai theory, stating that ”DEET was not responsible for the girls deaths, but were most likely poisoned by a deadly chemical, phosphine, used to exterminate bedbugs in their hotel. ” (http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/quebec-sisters-who-died-mysteriously-at-thailand-resort-were-likely-intoxicated-by-pesticides-coroner-says, Paragraph 2)
The updated autopsies reported having “found lesions on the victims brain.” A very lucid sight that the girls lacked severe oxygen, which is incidentally, consistent with phosphine poisoning. This type of form is “a respiratory poison, affecting the transport of oxygen… or interfering with the utilization of oxygen by various cells in the body.” said Toxicologist Joel Mayer.