Effects Of Autistic Children

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Emily Banner
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November 14, 2012
Autism affects how an individual thinks, learns, and experiences the world. Autism is the quickest growing serious development disability. This “is a disorder of neural development info processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect” (“Autism and Learning”). This disorder cannot be prevented. How this occurs in not well understood.
There are many different affects that an autistic child can have on the household. One example of how autism affects a child’s home life is that it is hard for autistic children to understand others’ feelings. While playing with siblings, it might be hard for an autistic child to understand why they might have hurt someone else’s feelings. Another example is some children with autism don’t like to cuddle or to be touched. This might be hard when the parents want to cuddle or hug their child. Still another way autism affects the household is that autistic children find sudden noises, smells, or light unpleasant. Some people “say that it might not be the actual noise, smell, or light itself, but more the surprise and not being able to get ready for it.” (“What is Autism?”) Lastly, autistic children often have different obsessions. A person with autism likes repetition. An autistic child clings routine and doesn’t like change. For autistic children, life can be very difficult at home, but a willing family can be there to help make it a little bit easier.

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Similar to how autism affects a child’s home life, it also affects a child’s school life. Autism affects a student’s school life by affecting how they learn. How fast autistic children learn is pretty unpredictable. They might learn something quicker than others and not remember it later on. For example, “an autistic child might learn how to read long vocabulary words only to not recall them altogether later on.” (“What is Autism?”) They also might learn how to do something the hard way before they learn how to do it the easy way. Autistic children are easily distracted.