Effects Of Cell Phones While Driving

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Effects of Too Much Technology
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Technology The issue here is that people are putting too much time and money on technology. Compared to the older days where people actually where able to meet each other and form relationships in person is a huge difference than today. Nowadays, everyone can call, web chat, face time and text each other. People would buy a computer or a newer, updated laptop just so that they can be a part of the “trend” or simply because it’s new. People fail to realize technology has a huge control over every individual’s life. According to Meghan Coleman, “Technology and teens are hard to separate, but all that connectivity may actually cause developmental problems later on.” (CNY) Here lies the main issue: “Teens using cell phones while driving”. The conclusion is the message that the speaker or writer wishes you to accept. (Brown, 21) The conclusion here is that distractions take teenagers' focus off the road. Mary Madden and Amanda Lenhart did a study investigating cell phone use and texting while driving by teenagers. They found that one third of 16- 17 year old teenagers have spoken on their phones while driving. 48% of 12-17 year old passengers say they have been in a car and felt themselves in danger when the driver was on their phone. According to Wilson and Stimpson, their conclusion is that distracted driving is a growing public safety hazard. Specifically, the dramatic rise in texting volume since 2005 appeared to be contributing to an alarming rise in distracted driving fatalities. Legislation enacting texting bans should be paired with effective enforcement to deter drivers from using cell phones while driving.
The conclusion in “Pennsylvania Gov.” article was that the risk of a crash involving certain factors can be reduced through practice, limiting the number of passengers riding with a teen driver, parents setting a good example for the teen driver, obeying all rules of the road and exercising common sense.
The reasons for these articles are that teen texting or talking and driving is a huge problem in today’s society. After declining from 1999 to 2005, fatalities from distracted driving increased 28% after 2005, rising from 4572 fatalities to 5870 in 2008. (Wilson)
Some of the ambiguity in the mediums are that we encourage teens to drive and claim their independence into adulthood but where we see the confusion is that they have to do all the right things to keep their freedom. Our youth are letting technology distract them to death, literally.
One fallacy from the reasoning is that the numbers may not be completely correct. How do we know all of these numbers that are presented were actually caused by a teen texting and driving? There could be other factors that led up to the accident but it was concluded to texting and driving. I do believe this is good evidence though and it’s pretty accurate compared to other statics that are produced. It shouldn’t be hard to miss someone dying as a result of a vehicle accident. Significant information that can be omitted is the factors that resulted to the crash. Many are