Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Today over 45 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce and “about 40 percent of the children will experience their parents’ divorce with about 80 percent of them placed primarily in the physical custody of their biological mother” (Hopf).Divorce is stress for both the parents and children in many different ways because you’re breaking up a family all the kids have known their entire lives, creates financial issues, creates loss of friends, and may mean moving from one house to another. Children were taught to love family and always stick together, but when people get divorced, it shows them nothing last forever. It also shows the concept: What is the point in love if it only causes nothing but pain in the end?Children are more strongly affected as a result of divorce than adults. The effects show themselves slowly over time through social contact, emotional attachments, and mental issues . …show more content…
everything they know about love is put in question. they begin to see the toxic world for the first time. They see the pain the parents go through but watch them act like everything is alright . They see the poison called lies that hides the truth from the innocent eyes.. “Twenty- Five percent of youths from divorce families in comparison to ten percent from non-divorced families did have serious social , emotional, or psychological problems .“after divorce the children don't know what to do, who to talk to so they keep it all bottled up.they will act like they're okay keeping it all to themselves and it builds up over time to create more probables