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Before I go intoes in the liver and, eventually, fatty globules develop that cause the liver to swell.
Mental health can also be a personal effect from drinking alcohol. Alcohol suppresses the nervous system kind of like how we suppress the enemy with our indirect fires, which is why people lose their inhibitions and feel uplifted in the short-term. However, alcohol is actually a depressant and also shuts off the parts of the brain controlling judgment. In the long-term, it can cause depression, anxiety and lethargy. Even though this next one does not pertain to men but women it is still important to know that breast cancer can be caused by a high intake of alcohol. Those found to be at most risk were women who drank, on average each day, either 2.3 to 4.5.
This one I found to be very important to know that nutrient loss is a personal effect of alcohol. Alcohol lacks essential vitamins and minerals; as a result, people who drink heavily are at risk of nutritional deficiencies, especially from thiamin, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Too much alcohol also attacks the liver like I perversely stated, so it impairs its ability to store the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and to metabolize protein. And in my situation drinking of underage and it disabling my good decision making. In my situation I was drinking underage and went to the last place I should have gone and called a bunch of privates boots and got tackled by the duty, so consumption of alcohol affects your choice to make good decisions. Even after a couple of drinks, the ability to make decisions and react quickly to events is impaired. With a few more, co-ordination gets worse and the secretion of hormones slows down, which results in clumsiness, slurred movements and an increased pain tolerance. It takes the liver an hour to break down each unit of alcohol, so a night of overindulgence means enough alcohol may remain in the bloodstream to affect your ability to work the next day.
What I thought to be the most interesting personal effects of alcohol is that it can affect the health of your nails. The state of your nails is widely regarded as a sign of your general health. They require a steady supply of nutrients to grow healthily but, since they are not a vital organ, the body does not make them a priority when its vitamins and mineral levels are low. Consequently, brittle, pale and peeling nails are often the first sign that your body contains too much alcohol.
The professional effects of drinking alcohol is alright if you contain it or limit the amounts you consume, so basically not blacking out or getting anywhere near that point. One way to determent if you blacked out is if you wake up the next morning and do not remember anything from the night before that means you were completely blocked out and drinking like that is well highly unprofessional and also dangerous to health as I explained in the personal effects of alcohol earlier. For example if someone is stressed out over work he or she might us alcohol for relaxer or to try and relieve some of that stress. Which normally people drink to stay happy and away from stress. However, it is believed that drinking alcohol actually leads to stress. Alcohol or the habit of drinking is addictive, and one gets used to it. If you get no alcohol, you will become depressed and have mood swings. Which I believe being depressed makes you ineffective in any good situation. This is a very negative effect of drinking alcohol that causes various issues.
Also alcohol can cause legal which also has effect on professionalism. It is a fact that if you are a regular drinker, you will get into more legal problems. When one is drunk, he or she has limited control over his or her actions. In such a state, people end up making mistakes and indulging in criminal activities only to regret it later. Many road accidents occur because of the driver’s drinking habit an example a drunk driver