Effects Of Facebook Essay

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Ms. Tangas
Effects of Facebook If there are so many horror stories associated with social networking, why do people still have a Facebook? Facebook is a social site for people to communicate with friends, and make new friends/ meet new people. Like how many people meet their friends on Facebook; for all they know they might be rapists. Many teenagers currently have an account on Facebook even though they know it has certain negative effects. They do not understand that they do not need an account now all they need to do is focus in their studies. Facebook is changing the way teens communicate because they are becoming antisocial, their lives are too public, and it makes them a target for online pedophiles. This goes along with so many other strangers looking for prey to feed on. Facebook is a social site for people to communicate with friends, reunite with old friends, and make new friends/meet new people, but it is preventing teens from socializing in person thus becoming antisocial. “Facebook gives you a unique opportunity to keep in touch with your family or friends no matter how far away you happen to live” (Tech Bead, par 3). If you live in New Jersey and your aunt lives in Africa you can still communicate and keep in touch even though you live so far away. Facebook is a universal thing so people all around can communicate with each other. However this can be also bad if there is no internet connection then you cannot communicate; it is funny…